Falyn Holcomb
"God made dirt and dirt don't hurt"
Mia Garcia
"Look like a princess, ride like a pro."
Kolby Lough
"It’s all part of the experience"
Carly Vestal
"Be safe, have fun and love you"
Alyssa Dent
“Just Gonna Send It”
Raegan Allen
"You got this babygirl"
Emalea Lohrmann
"Fall down 13, get up 14"
Lydia Arnold
"Twist it and rip it"
Blaire Wilson
"Move over boys and let this girl show you how it’s done!"
Tayla Thompson
"Don’t chase boys, pass them!"
Kaydence Ellis
"To beat the best, you have to be the best!"
Jordyn Pratt
"Kick a$$ and take names"
Bailee Waite
"Super Fast 223"
Jameson Dobbins
"I may look like sugar, spice, and everything nice, but don't underestimate us girls on the track."