The dirt bike scene held its first female-focused motocross race over 40 years ago with the Powder Puff Nationals in Valencia, California. It used to be women-only found motocross by chance — GFG has changed the narrative. Motocross is a type of off-road motorcycle racing held on enclosed off-road circuits where riders compete using dirt bikes. No two courses are alike, which makes motocross more challenging than other racing sports. Motocross is fueled by riding position, weight distribution, and precise form. The average dirt bike weighs nearly 250 pounds. Steep hills. Dangerous inclines. Ariel assaults. Unique style jumps stretching from tabletop, drop off, acceleration chop, triple jump — and quad. Launch out of the gate. Nailing the start is everything. Holeshot after holeshot, you must bring your A-game — the perfect blend of skill and power. And don’t sleep on the wet and muddy corners on a motocross track. 

Motocross is the second-most physically demanding sport in the world. It takes a lot of physical and mental training. If you’re a motocross rider, you probably love the thrill of taking risks. But one of the best joys of this off-road GFG industry is immersing yourself in the culture and community that goes along with it. The motorcycle-based phenomenon has transformed into a female-dominating sport. GFG puts the spotlight on women who are impacting the world of motocross — both on and off the bike. Women are further elevating the presence of prestigious championships and the sport of motocross as a whole. It’s time to get closer to the action. Kick up the dirt. Block pass. Braaap — to the podium. Ride to win with GFG.

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We are always looking for Motocross Ambassadors for GFG. Our trending brand is for women of all ages who are involved in motor and action sports. If you would like to be an Ambassador for Motocross, we need to hear from you. Let's see if you qualify to be a part of the team.