Mud boggin. Adrenaline-junkie. Fast graded roads to gnarly rocks, whoops, and silt. For decades, UTV racing has mainly been considered a man's endeavor — sweat, grease, dirt, and horsepower. Not today. More women are crossing over into the ranks of off-road motorsports and UTV racing. GFG has the best side-by-side racing action. You must bring your A-game if you want to line up next to one of the GFG ladies. UTV racing is a motor vehicle competition in which drivers operate utility terrain vehicles, also known as side-by-sides (SXS) amongst a field of other drivers on a closed course. The racecourse is typically set in an off-road setting with varying terrain and features obstacles such as jumps, whoops, tight corners, and banked turns. The side-by-side (SXS), UTV (utility terrain vehicle) is a small, 2 to 6-person four-wheel drive — off-road vehicle. Ultimately designed for rougher terrain, these side-by-side beasts have powertrains like ATVs (all-terrain vehicles). Channeling more ground clearance than a Jeep Wrangler, more aggressive tires, superior clutching, dynamic roll cage, and independent suspension, side-by-side UTVs are versatile. Suspension is the key to going fast. Commit early. See it through. Experienced racers recognize horsepower means zero — without the handling to match it. Riders will sacrifice power for a UTV that handles precisely and will hold its line regardless of the terrain. Get dirty. Drive fast. Be the first to the checkered flag. No trail plug here. Go Fast. GFG.

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We are always looking for Side by Side UTV Ambassadors for GFG. Our trending brand is for women of all ages who are involved in motor and action sports. If you would like to be an Ambassador for Side by Side UTV, we need to hear from you. Let's see if you qualify to be a part of the team.


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