ATV - all terrain vehicles


ATVs — all-terrain vehicles. No roof or roll-cage. One seat. Smaller than a UTV but a hefty, badass machine. Motocross ATV racing takes place on a dirt circuit track, groomed with sharp corners and unpredictable jumps. Riders slide broadside around turns, inches apart, spraying massive amounts of roost as they battle for position. Riders soar over jumps, race down whooped-out straights — competing on ATV motocross' biggest stage. Cross country races are held on natural terrain through either woods or desert and may include motocross sections. ATV Freestyle lets riders put on an aerial display of tricks. Tricks may be scored by judges or may be performed simply as an exhibition. The excitement of racing has an allure — speed, moments of danger, and glory for the winners. Let GFG's take you to the finish line. Whether it's to reach the top of a mountain or celebrate from the top of a podium, we don't go halfway. We go fast. GFG off-road life.

side by side utv



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