Freestyle. Alligator pits. Barspin. Girls love the risk — and ride or die moments — of BMX bikes. Roll your speedster bike to the start gate. The starting gate slams down. It’s time to explode at full speed toward the first obstacle and first turn. Feel the rush of adrenaline. Whether it's your first time ever or the thousandth time, you will experience the thrill of a lifetime on the BMX track. BMX got its first start somewhere between the 60s and 70s in Southern California. And while no two tracks are identical — riders make their way across the track with one single gear — but don’t be surprised as there is no one-speed-fits-all.  Cranking around the track with 20-inch wheels designed to accelerate, GFG handle the biggest landings and dab the biggest turns. GFG and BMX teams around the country meet the challenges of today's highly technical racetracks — and speed straight past the competition to the podium. Loop out. Go Fast Girls. No motor — no problem. Shred on. Get hooked for life.

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We are always looking for Ambassadors for GFG. Our trending brand is for women of all ages who are involved in motor and action sports. If you would like to be an Ambassador, we need to hear from you. Let's see if you qualify to be a part of the team.


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