Go fast or go home. Powerboat racing comprises of high-speed boats racing on water. The quickest accelerating boats on the planet. Feel the adrenaline rush? Lightning-fast hydroplanes. Fastest piston engines. Roaring 200+ mph down the course. Powerboat racing takes more than just showing up and dropping a boat in the water. Battling with high-powered engines — it takes major racing skills and nerves of steel. Speaking of nerves of steel, more female boat racers are climbing into the cockpit on race day.  From open and closed cockpits, outboards and inboards, turbines, v-bottoms, and catamarans — to 7,200+ horsepower, it’s a champions world. Boat racing is unique. Unlike race car tracks that are a set width, boat racing courses have wider boundaries or none. And unlike motocross, where the jumps are in the same place, boat racing jumps vary every second. Are you ready for the challenge, changing throttle — the fastest boats attacking every wave. Start your engines. Compete with the world’s top offshore boat racers. GFG.

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