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The coziest sweatshirt we have ever made! Out at the track, down at your local ski lodge or just want to be snuggled up by a fire, this is your jam. You will not be disappointed or cold!
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GoFastGirls provides a platform to support and honor girls that have an interest in succeeding and pushing the limits in motorsports and the action sports world. GFG brings together like-minded women of all ages. GFG can't be tamed.

What they're sayin'

The girls of ALL ages loved having the decals put on their dirt karts!

Brian F.

Super cute hat. I got the black with pink design. The sparkly pink pops on the black! I get a ton of compliments on this hat. I did have a quick issue and the GFG customer service was great. I’ll be purchasing more from them again!

Shannon W.

Ordered for my 2 Quarter-Midget-Racing daughters, they absolutely love them. Super cute and and not too hot under a racing suit!

Holly S.

GFG Mantra

The missing link in the motorsports and action sports world is a community to support young girls and women who are passionate and interested in their sport. GFG was created to support that passion whether it be in motorsports, action sports or everyday life. 

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There is FAST and then there is GFG. Are you a girl that's driven and passionate about racing? See if you qualify to become a GFG Ambassador. We want to hear from you.

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Ambassador League

  • Jordan Price

    "As long as you work hard, you can make your dreams come true and live your life to the absolute fullest. Shake n' Bake."


    "Hold it wide, let it slide"

  • Tara Reitz

    "Racing is my passion; driving is my dream"

  • Raylee Higgins

    Or I would say Ready Set Go! (Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Green) is the staging lights.

  • Elle Cartabiano

    I hope to encourage every female, young and old, who has ever dreamt of getting on a bike, to get out there and DO IT! 

  • Sophia Lynn Grillo

    “Ride it like you stole it!”

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