Tara Wasser

“It always seems impossible until its done”


Hey ladies! My name is Tara, I’m from Spokane, WA and I’m 21 years old!

When I was nine, I wheeled-and-dealed my way to getting a 2001 Honda xr70 and immediately was hooked on the dirt lifestyle. I was never allowed to race unfortunately but I continued to ride anywhere I could until my knees were to my ears on that little thing. Early 2020, mid corona shut down, I decided what better time to pursue my dream that was always pushed aside of getting on the track and blowing berms. So, after not being on a bike for many years, I picked up the freakishly tall 2006 Rm125 2 stroke and did just that. What happened from then until now?

The rest is perfect history.

After just a few weeks of being on a track and getting pumped full of knowledge from amazing friends I made, I packed up and head to the boonies with them for the annual P.R.O.s in Idaho. With horrible weather conditions and nerves so bad I could barely hold the throttle open, I rode my heart out.. and walked away with 1st place and a cheeky smile you couldn’t miss.

Shortly after, I began entering every race they had at Airway MX, my local track. Each race I got better and better. Each minute on the track helped me improve small fundamentals. Each “GO T” and “YOU GOT THIS” made me feel capable of anything. I went on to podium 3rdplace or better every race I did and managed to get kicked out of beginner class after just my 3rd race because I didn’t “ride like a beginner”. Even though you’re supposed to stay beginner for a full season, here I was chasing a dream that seemed out of reach, and apparently, I did a pretty good job of it.

The moral of the story is this: My impossible became possible because of hard work ethic, passion, and a will to go against what society says girls are capable of no matter how much work it takes. You, too, can make your impossible, possible by believing in yourself. So, if you want to take one thing away from this: just Go Fast Girl!

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