Sophia Lynn Grillo

“Ride it like you stole it!”


My name is Sophia Grillo. I am 9 years old from the state of CT. I’m currently on summer break and will be starting in the 4th grade this fall. 2020 is my second full season of racing. 

In 2019, I raced the 50cc classes at Winchester Speedpark mx series. Finishing out the season 4th in the 7-8 50cc and 5th in the open 50cc class.

In 2020. with a late start to the season I’m racing my final year in the 50cc classes and starting to race the 65cc classes as well. Most of all my racing will take place with the most competitive kid series in New England at Winchester Speedpark in New Hampshire.

Tuesday Summers: I also compete at my local track racing the 65cc open class (currently 2nd in points) and the female class (currently 1st in the points). Also in the off weekends we race other organizations for the seat time if scheduling allows. This year the COVID pandemic shot down my chance of riding in the KTM Futures at Gillette Stadium.

Nervous Ticks: Some nervous ticks that I have when it comes to racing: goggles have to be tightened 3x. 

Race #145

Bike brand KTM 50cc 65cc

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