Savy Keune

“You see a beast, but I see my best friend”


Hey y’all ! My name is Savy Keune and I am 13 years old and have had a passion for Horses, and dirt bikes my whole life. My mom was a professional rider(for motor cross) and had her own company called Mxgirls that used to also support girls that ride . She stopped racing when I was born . She also grew up with horses her whole life and did shows and competitions. My dad on the other hand was a professional wake border and snowboarder. So when they had me I ended up with both Genes loving Horses, but also loving the dirt and snow. So you can find me in an arena with cows sorting them , or you can find me in trabuco canyon ripping the dirt , as my freind Mariska says “If you ain’t falling, then you ain’t hauling.” My horses name is Austin . He’s 15 years old and is a buckskin pony.( the tan looking one with a black main) my other horse Harley is a 2 year old mare and we want her to be a barrel horse.

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