Samantha Gilchrist


I am a twenty-seven-year-old lady living and working in Massachusetts. I have been riding snowmobiles since I was thirteen years old. It began as a family activity a few times a year and as I aged and became independent, snowmobiling became a huge part of my daily life in the winter. I started trail riding with my family and always felt the need to “keep up with the guys,” to rip corners, and go fast! Now, feeling confident on trail, I began riding in the mountains off trail in the trees. The finesse of manipulating the sled to perform the way I want it to without just muscling it over like the guys I ride with has been a huge challenge for me. But I welcome the challenge and give her hell. Aside from that, I jet ski almost every weekend in the warmer months and mountain bike with a lot of the same guys I snowmobile with. I am thankful for these people in my life, the competitiveness I feel has pushed me to my limits and pushed me to overcome the obstacles that are often more prevalent for ladies.

I am a registered nurse in the emergency department at the veteran’s hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. The second I am out of work, we are always planning our next adventure, our next ride, and getting everyone together for a good time. It is truly amazing to see how many women are becoming prominent in the motor sports world. I am so excited to watch it grow more.

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