Rhegan Jones

“In a world where you can be anything...be yourself!”


Hi, my name is Rhegan. I started racing at 4 years old. I started on a Honda 50. I won my first series championship on this bike. I enjoy spending time at the racetrack with my moto family. I rode a KTM 50 and won a series championship as well. I then moved up to a Yamaha 65 and won many races. I am now on a Husqvarna 85 and love it. I race the 85 7­11 year old or beginner class. I also race mini women. I love racing with all the boys. My mom and Dad used to race before they had my brother and I. Now my brother and I do all the racing.

Goals for 2021 are improving my starts and corners. Also, getting a top 3 in the 85 beginner class.


  • Cycleland Fall Series­ Women's­ 1st overall Cycleland Fall Series­ 85cc 7­11­ 2nd overall Hangover Classic ­ 85cc­ 8th
  • AMP Frigid 6 Series ­ 85cc Beginner Div. 1 ­ 7th AMP Frigid 6 Series ­ Mini Women ­ 1st
  • Media Exposure / Publicity

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