Raylee Higgins

"Girls Get Dirty Too!"


Hi my name is Raylee Higgins. I’m 12 years old. I started racing Jr dragsters at the age of 6 years old. I had my first perfect light when I was 9 years old at the Northwest Nationals in Seattle Washington when I was displaying my car with the pros. I had former Jr drag racer Erica Enders staging me when I had the perfect light. .000 (August 5 2017), the crowd went wild. When I came back down the return road everyone was standing cheering me on.

NHRA came over to me in the pits along with a bunch of professional drivers congratulating me. I ended up in the Summit Jr drag racing magazine again for the 5th time. This time I was in the magazine for Top Performer.

My first car was all pink and I wanted it to be hello kitty — so it was. After two years of running that car, my dad and grandpa Jumbo built me a different car. It was a creative chrome molly chassis. I won my first championship in my 1st year running the new car in 2017 at Pacific Raceways here in Kent Washington. I finished 2nd in 2018 after breaking out in the final round and race in 2018. When we did the wrap on the car it was named Killer Kitty II because it was my second car. I won 5 Wallys in that car. And another championship in 2019!

Our home track is Pacific Raceways, but we race several different tracks, such as Renagade Raceways in Yakima Washington, (one of my favorite tracks to go to) Woodburn DragStrip In Oregon, Bremerton Raceways in Bremerton Washington, Firebird Raceways in Boise Idaho, Spokane Raceways In Spokane Washington, Mission Raceways in Canada.

    I’d have to say this is the best thing I was able to do as a young girl. I have won several races and have been in the magazine five times and most boys are afraid to run against me! I know I’m young in my career with drag racing, but I always make every run like it’s the final run and go for the win!

    My dad (Jason) and grandpa (Jumbo) came up to me in the middle of the 2019 season and said they wanted to buy a new car. I was excited. My dad ended up buying a new car for me and was working on it late in August of 2019 with my grandpa. My new car is a lot different then most.

    My new halfscale dragster is belt driven instead of chain drive. And it’s a full lay-down car. The new halfscale dragster has belt drive, front and rear wings, and head light in the front so I can race my car under the lights at times. (Fun) The car still has underglow lights and we had it wrapped with Killer Kitty III.

    As my 3rd car, this time it’s black/greenish color and blends in with the carbon fiber and the wings. I can’t wait to see how the car does and run it for the first time. We are all on stand by at this point but the car looks good and ready to go.

    On my mom side — I dance. Yep, I’m a busy girl. I started dancing when I was 2 years old, and have competition meets about three times a year. So, normally in our off season of drag racing and preparing for the next year I dance for Kaos Dance Elite in Lacey Washington. I’ve been competing with Kaos for 3 years since moving over from another dance team.

    I’m in the 7th grade at Tumwater Middle School and I’m a straight A student! I was in high cap (higher level) when I was in grade school. I started high cap in the 5th grade. I’m looking forward to graduating in 2025! Yes, that’s the best year to Graduate from! :)


    • To race as Higgins Racing and run either the Eastern or Western Conference Finals.
    • My goal is to someday drive Professionally for Steve Torrence (Capco Boys) or Richard Freeman (Elite Performance) like my favorite driver Erica Enders races for. 

    Favorite Thing to Say: Go on Yellow! That what I work on when I’m in the cockpit of my Jr dragster. Or I would say Ready Set Go! (Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Green) is the staging lights.

    Shout Out: I would like to say that I’m thankful for everything I get to do as a kid, thank my dad and mom and my grandpa who lets me race. Speeds get up to about 75MPH and next year. When I’m in the highest class it’s Lightning is about 85-90 MPH. And want to say thank you to my sponsors who help me chase my dream. Thanks for Lucas Oil for being on board with Higgins racing for the last 4 years. Along with Tumwater Lanes. (Creed, Sandy).

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