Olivia Woods

“I'm okay!”


Olivia Woods is 9 years old and lives in Kingman, Arizona.
She started racing at 5 years old at our local track, That's when She fell in love with this Sport.
Olivia Currently races in the BITD and AZOP race series, in her RZR 170.
When she was very young her dad would tell everyone "she's going to race trophy trucks one day" and this has been Olivia's top goal since the day she put her first race suit on.
She has always had so much driver and determination to be one of the best off-road racer's. Her favorite thing about racing is pulling up to the start line against mainly boys and getting the hole shot!
Olivia's mom always tells her at the start line "hold your line and don't give up" She's learned at a young age that is does not matter if your a little girl or not, as long as you put your whole heart into it you can WIN!
On our way to each race Olivia sets 3 goals before we get there: 1. Have fun 2. Don't Roll 3. Get a podium.
She has accomplished all but #2, Olivia's first UTV worlds race was where she had her first "roll over" and after she was helped by officials she comes on the radio to say "I'm Okay" and that's when we knew nothing could scare her or stop her! 
Outside of Racing, Olivia loves going to school and spending time with her Family and Friends.
She has so much love for all animals but CATS are her absolute favorite! She enjoys making people laugh, riding bikes, Skateboarding, Swimming, and camping.
Olivia is the most loving, funniest and strong willed young lady.
The UTV and Off-road racing  is a male dominate sport, but more and more of us girls are pulling up to the line and showing the world that we can race with the best of them.
She wants to show all of the young girls starting out that no matter if your a small girl like me, If you put your whole heart into something you can do anything!

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