McKenzie Kaufman

"It's not a man's world anymore." -Susie Wolff


McKenzie Kaufman AKA "The Missfit"

McKenzie is the co-founder of "Misfit Racing" & the "Mini Bike Misfits" flat track/drag racing team- the Southeast's first (& #1 ranked) in the up-and-coming sport of minibike flat track racing. She is also currently, the only FEMALE rider in the sport! McKenzie enjoys racing with the guys, and although she would love to see more women join the sport, has no plans of segregating classes by gender.

"If you can ride, ride! Gender doesn't define flat track. I learned to race with the guys, so now I race like a guy. I'm still trying to figure out what the difference is, or if there even IS a difference, but it definitely made (and still makes) me push myself harder, making me a better rider/racer at the end of the day, at least I think so anyway..."

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