Marr “5un5hine” Ritucci

"Life is a question, racing is the answer"

Nickname: Sunshine
Hometown: Mt Pleasant, WI (via Chicago)
Experience: Racer, CR(Control Rider) & Rider Clinic Instructor, and Corner Marshall
Bike(s): Races GREEN Ninja ZX6R & Ninja 300
Favorite Track(s): Barber, Jennings, Road America, Blackhawk, Grattan, Little Tally, Gingerman
On the track since: 2007

About Me:

I am one of the few grown-ups that still drinks milk with every meal. My trademark of over 35 years is the blond streak in my hair. I’ve been a tomboy since age 4 when I picked up my first basketball. Although my whole life revolves around motorcycles, you will still catch me shooting hoops here and there. You will find me sporting #55(5un5hine) on the race track as a roadracer for CCS. This is my passion, so I don’t expect to be on the podium after every race, I’m just thrilled that I get to partake in all the buzz. I get just as excited when I swing my leg over my bike as I did my first time on the track. RAWR! I get super energized when I see a fellow female on a bike and I definitely like to challenge the boys when(if) possible. In addition I am a Certified Motorcycle Instructor/Rider Coach with MSF. Safety is a big priority for me, so I am ASMI/SOS & CPR Certified and am religious about having proper gear. Believe it or not, I am also a retired runway/print model and retired Corporate America Executive. Even though I am a tomboy for life and love my jeans & hoodies, you will still find me being a girly-girl, even as an Umbrella Girl at the pro races. My bikes are named Kermie & Baby Kermie and you will find Kermie attached under my seats waving to all the other racers. When I leaned over in a corner “RAWR” is clearly visible on my lower fairing. I also won my first CCS Midwest Championship in 2013.


Once upon a time I spent my first day on the track and I remember how scared & excited I was. I never looked back and ended up coaching side-by-side with my track mentor. So first and foremost, relax and have FUN! Listen to your coach, but please don’t go into sensory overload. Concentrate on one thing at a time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Never ride above your head. As with everything in life, practice makes perfect!


Representing all women racers over 40 who aren't afraid of insanity and adventure. Starve your distractions, feed your focus. LIVE like you're alive! I love to represent all the women over 40 who aren't afraid of insanity and adventure. Starve your distractions, feed your focus. Don't just LIVE, be ALIVE! If it's racing you want to do then what's stopping you? Age is nothing but a number. Although I did track days and coached, I didn't get my actual race license until I was 40 years old. I'm proud to represent women and be the advocate and ambassador for all females over the age of 40, but I’m still a KAWI GIRL💚

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