Leyla Jolson

"If at first you don’t succeed! Try, try again"


My name is Cynthia Jolson, and my daughter is Leyla Jolson! She is four years old almost five, and we are starting out our journey of racing! We have completed an entire year of racing with every race being a podium win! We have two first two second and one third! She is determined to race her stacyc this year and start on a fifty by the end of the year! Leyla plans to off road desert race, and to BMX race! She also wants to follow her dad’s foot steps and become a freestyle motocross rider, she says she gonna be the next Vicki Golden! Her dad is a professional freestyle motocross rider for a living, and I race snore and SNDR we are a family member n love with desert, dirt bikes, racing and having fun!

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