Kiryn Wellman

"God is with her she will not fall"


Hi,I’m a 14 year old female flattrack racer. The 2024 season will be my 4th year racing. I am very passionate about racing and love to ride. I am hard working and persistent when it comes to my goals and reaching them.When I’m not racing I’m either at the track practicing, working on my bikes, or in the gym training.I’ve had a couple set backs such as a torn acl in 2020, then retore my acl in 2022 causing an infection in my leg, and a broken collarbone in the beginning of the 2023 season.But the comeback is always greater then the setback and once I was able to hold my arm up while on my bike there was nothing but improvement. My goals for the 2024 season is to race my first 1/2 mile and take home a AMA women’s championship for District 23 flattrack and in South Dakota.

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