Kinsley Burkett

"You can do anything you put your mind to"


Name: Kinsley Burkett
Age: 4 years old
I have always had a passion for riding, I used to watch “momo videos” with my dad ever since I was a little baby and I was instantly intrigued and in love with all things moto. I started riding my Stacyc when I turned 3 and soon after started racing the Swapmoto Gromcross where I placed 3rd on my very first race against all the boys! I went from 3rd to 1st my 3rd race in and after that I was hooked! My dad thought it was time to upgrade me to my Yamaha PW50 when I turned 4 and I started racing that soon after and any race we could be at! My favorite days are spent out on the track practicing and out on the track at races with all my friends. I recently got a Husqvaarna EE5 that I love and am ready to take out on the race track in a couple weeks! At 4 years old I am determined, dedicated, and fearless and love showing the boys that girls go fast too! Riding is my passion and I truly love doing it!

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