KC Heberling

"Nut up or shut up"

IG @kcheberling714

Hi, my name is KC from Coeur d’Alene Idaho and I’m 20 years old. I’m a commercial glazier for Modern Glass.

My trusty steed is a 2018 CRF250R. My first race was back in 2016 on a clapped out 09yz250f and let’s just say I was a little excited because when that gate dropped — I wheelied straight over backwards. There’s been immense improvement along the way, thankfully.

Some of my accomplishments are:

  • 2017 motocross/airwaymxp 1/1
  • 2017 supercross/airwaymxp 1/1
  • 2017 motocross/fossil bowl 1/1
  • 2017 arenacross/stix&stones 1/1
  • 2018 motocross/Airwaymxp 1/1
  • 2018 PRO/motocross 1/1

I continued to strive forward in 2018 and attain my goals, keeping the passion and focus in my heart because I'm not going to lie — it’s tough out there on the track whether you are putting in some practice laps or just racing.

You have to keep your head held high, learn from your mistakes, and be excited from your accomplishments, no matter how small, because there’s always going to be an off day where you’re going to eat dirt, and you just have to get up and shake it off if you can.

Took me a little longer to shake off a bad crash over some whoops. The whole ordeal caused me to take a break from racing for a year. But I’m better than ever, and more than ready to be back. My goal this year is to make it full of smiles, no matter what place I’ll be in when I cross that finish line.

Nothing is better than being at the track with the people you love, and if you’re having a good time, and learning as much as you can, then that’s winning in my book.

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