Julie Ann Whitney

"When the helmet goes on, you have no friends. Keep digging!"


Hi! My name is Julie Ann Whitney and I’m from Louisiana. I’m 35 yrs old and been married to my husband for 15 yrs. We have two girls Emma and Autumn. I’m a stay at home mom/wife. I enjoy being crafty and love decorating.Racing is my #1 hobby but keeping Jesus first is my number one priority.

I’ve been around racing and cars my whole life. The love for speed and being competitive has always driven me to be the best I can be on the track. I love showing them a girl can drive just as good as a guy can. I raced Go-Karts when I was 6 and then once my feet could reach the gas pedal I started racing dirt cars until I got out of high school and got married. Got out of racing for about 10 yrs to grow our little family. Just got back into racing last year so this is only my second year back. I got offered a deal to drive a car for Twomey Motorsports and happily excepted it. I’m still learning something new every time I get out on the track. I run in a Stem series that travels around to the Texas tracks a few times a month. I also run the local tracks when we’re not traveling.

My favorite thing aside from Racing is meeting the fans and getting to interact with them. Showing all the girls that you can do something that most claim is a male dominant sport. So keep your head high and keep digging.

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