Jordan Souza Price

"Shake n' Bake."

Jordan Souza Price


Hi! My name is Jordan Souza Price and I am 17 years old. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. I started racing when I was 14 years old. My first race was at a dirt oval track, racing a dwarf car that I still race to this day.

Shortly after that I began racing in the deserts of Mexico with my dad in a class 10. In just a few months, I will also be racing a Trophy Truck Spec. I race in Petaluma California, I run the nationals throughout California and Oregon, and I race in Mexico and Nevada as well.

I am lucky to be one of the very few females to race in the desert along with being an iron woman. An iron woman is a female who remains in the car the entire race without getting out. My longest iron woman race was 19 hours and 54 minutes. I recently ironwomaned the Mint 400 as well. I am extremely blessed to have the opportunity to chase my dreams and turn my dreams into a reality.

Of course, I have many lifelong goals but the most important one is that I want to accomplish being a successful racer for life. I was lucky to be one of the very few to be featured in a movie called Dust 2 Glory. Dust 2 Glory is about the hardships you face when racing in the deserts of Mexico. Growing up around racing with my family — it just runs in my blood. I love the feeling of exhilaration and adrenaline running through my veins as I mark the milestones of my life.

I am glad to have amazing parents helping me turn my dreams into a reality and amazing sponsors like Go Fast Girls. As long as you work hard, you can make your dreams come true and live your life to the absolute fullest. Shake n' Bake.

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