Jenna Tingley

"creating a career for myself that inspires other riders to just go and do it."


I started riding when I was about 4 in 2007 in my front yard on a 50 with training wheels. We’ve always grown up around dirt bikes and did poker runs with family and friends. My first race was at Straddleline MX Park when I was 6 years old, after that first race something in me made me go absolutely crazy for racing. Racing started to become very important to me and I started to become more passionate and hard working towards the sport. After a few years of attending bigger races my dad decided to get my brother and I into training with local pros. Since then, I have been working harder and harder to be my best self on and off the bike.

Right now I’m a freshman at Enumclaw High School. Once my Sophomore year is over I’m going to enroll myself into Running Start at Green River Community College and get my AA and diploma. Once I start, I'm going to try to get somewhere in the Medical field, aerospace field or become a pilot.


  • Off-road: Women’s A
  • Moto: Women’s
  • Races a year: 50+ 
  • 2018 125 husky
  • 2016 85 KTM

My Training: I try to stay in the best shape I possibly can. I go to our home gym around 3-5 days a week and do a daily stretch and workout. My workout normally consists of running, strength and conditioning and working on balance. During the week, I participate in school sports and ride as much as possible. I do gymnastics, swim and dive and run track. Nutrition is definitely a big factor when it comes to staying in shape and giving myself the protein and energy I need. I drink homemade protein smoothies, eat very clean and lots of vegetables. I like to be in a routine to make sure I am always being my best and healthiest self. I also tend to dance a lot just because I feel like it sets a good mood and I always have music playing when I'm at home, in the car, or at a race. I just like to try to keep a good spirit no matter what. As I’ve gotten more serious with racing, I have trained with Tommy Weeck, Eric Waunch, Landon Currier, Cody Webb, Brian Garrahan and Lance Smail.

Short Term goals: For short term goals, I want to race the AMA West Hare Scramble series again and try to get another national podium ranking. I really want to go to the Real Deal Training Facility in Louisiana for the 2021 racing season. When I was racing full time on my 85 I had qualified for Lorretta Lynn’s but we ended up not going. This coming racing season I want to qualify again and go experience the race I’ve been looking forward to for a long time now. Since 2020 Desert 100 and all other races have been canceled so far, I hope that in 2021 I finish on the podium in Womens and finish at least top 60 overall.

Long Term Goals: I hope in the future that I do go pro and become a big influence to many other little girls and boys who want to go somewhere big with riding and racing. I hope to find a racing team that supports me like my family and helps me the best they can to make my dreams become a reality. Racing is one of the biggest priorities in my life that I have and I hope it stays with me forever. I wish to go to bigger races as I grow and show younger minds that anything really is possible as long as you put your all into it. Women's racing never really used to be a “Big thing” but now it has seriously changed and is making a mark in the racing world. I hope to make that mark even bigger by creating a career for myself that inspires other riders to just go and do it. I hope to be one of the faces you see on TV racing and training to be the best they can.

Occupation: During breaks or when I have some free time, I work for my dad in construction. Hopefully once I get my license, in summer time I want to take some weeks down in Disneyland or World and run as one of the show characters.

Accomplishments: A big accomplishment for me is finishing The Mint 400, one of the biggest races I have ever done and Finished 3rd in Women's B. I never really would have thought 11 years ago that I would be at the level I am at and making it out to races that I’ve watched on TV or heard about for the longest time.

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