Heather Hunter

“I do what I want”


My name is Heather Hunter from Douglasville GA and I started racing in 2017. I was offered a spot on a race team about half way through the season and couldn’t say no. Racing the teams Yamaha r3 I managed to win two regional championships and many podiums. Huff offered me a spot on the HFD1 motorsports team the following year with Melanie his daughter. Unfortunately after he set up the bike I broke my back in a training accident and wasn’t able to compete. I came back strong for one weekend in 2020 and look forward to a full race season in 2021! I have a new title sponsor, a new race bike and a lot of old and new crew! The r3 is not retiring, she is going to be run at a few select races but I will be piloting a 2020 Ninja 400 the majority of 2021. It is going to be a hard season for me with numerous challenges coming back from a back surgery but I am excited. Inspiring others to ride who have limitations, suffered bad crashes or just confidence issues really makes me smile.

When I’m not racing I am training dogs, riding dirt bikes, snowboarding and going to airsoft military simulation events. Before the pandemic you could find me on the runway, under an umbrella at MotoGP or doing promotions but I’m unsure of what modeling in 2021 looks like for me.

To sum me up I’d say I am a complete adrenaline junkie with no fear or self preservation who doesn’t believe in waiting for tomorrow to do something because that day may never come!

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