Hailey Kelley

“Hammer down”


This is Hailey, I’m so pumped to be a brand ambassador, I was thinking for my quote I was going to do “hammer down” and then for my bio I was going to do something like

My name is Hailey, I’m from Boston Mass and I’ve been riding mx the past couple years now and started racing the past year or so.

I’ve grown up on the water fishing with my dad ever since I was little. And when I’m not riding, some other things I like to do is paint or hangout with my friends.

2020 has been an awesome year riding wise, I’ve spent the whole year riding around New England making some insane memories.

I currently have a kx 85 but am planning on getting a bigger bike for the upcoming 2021 season.

My goal for next year is to get out and ride and race with my best friend and quite honestly, I am just in the sport for fun. Win or lose the sport is all about having fun and making friends.

My favorite part about the sport is once you meet other girls that ride, you make some forever friends and some the best memories.

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