Destiny Wardynski

"You give me anxiety." - My Dad

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I have been obsessed with sand dunes, off-roading, and dirt tracks ever since I was a little girl. When I saved enough money of my own, I decided it was time for me to build the coolest, most unique UTV I could think of. I drive a Canam XRS Turbo R tuned on E85 with the Fiberwerx Raptor body kit. I designed the back end of it to be a trunk with a light box that says "Baditude". Once this build hit the sand and the track, it's like moving in slow motion because the world around me slows down to look at the mini truck. While driving in the dunes and racing track is a male dominated sport, I hope to influence other girls to build their own rides and show the men we can do things just as good and look better doing it.

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