Dana Raynor

"pink tutu girl♡"


Hi, I'm Dana, I've been racing for about 4 years now.I started with motocross then went to grand prix and desert. Riding is my passion and obsession. I encourage everyone to be themselves and have fun. I wear to tutu for the smiles and to encourage girls to get out there and ride/race just get out and have fun!  I always want to be an role model for kids so I get out there and cheer on everyone, even the boys! .


Dana is proud to be supported by:

  • 3brosteam 
  • Duthiepowerservices 
  • Motocutz 
  • Wicked family 
  • Bubbas powder coating 
  • L2r racing 
  • Nost
  • Amsoil
  • Mom and dad

Xoxo Dana Raynor

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