Chloe Lerin

"I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence."


Chloe Lerin, a 32-year-old dynamo in the world of engineering and motorsports, is a striking example of innovation and determination. Hailing from France, Chloe made a bold move to the United States in 2015, settling in Milwaukee, WI, to advance her education with a master's degree focused on internal combustion engines. This pivotal step marked the beginning of a remarkable journey that would see her rise to prominence in her field.

Lerin's professional trajectory is nothing short of inspiring. Her current role as a Powertrain Performance Engineer is the culmination of years of dedication and hard work. Before this, Chloe had already made significant strides in her career, notably as a Performance Engineer for the iconic Harley Davidson. Her expertise and passion also led her to the fast-paced world of motorsports, where she excelled as a Race Data Engineer for AIM Sports and the Vision Wheel M4 Ecstar Suzuki team in the prestigious MotoAmerica championship.

Beyond her technical roles, Chloe's influence extends as one of the inaugural GoFastGirl Ambassadors. In this capacity, she has become a symbol of empowerment, especially for women aspiring to carve out their own paths in engineering and motorsports. Her journey, characterized by continuous learning and unwavering commitment, is a beacon of hope and motivation.

Chloe Lerin's philosophy is simple yet powerful: "start small but dream big." This mantra captures her approach to life and work, inspiring others to pursue their passions relentlessly. Her story is not just about her achievements but also about the message she embodies – that with passion, determination, and hard work, anyone can achieve their dreams, regardless of the field they choose. Chloe Lerin stands as a testament to this belief, encouraging others to follow in her footsteps and make their mark in the world of engineering and beyond.

Favorite Sayings:

I have a few favorite sayings but two that stick with me are the following:

"I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence." - Ayrton Senna This quote is important to me because as women in motorsports we often are trailblazers.

"The engine is the ideal teaching tool – it features all of the elements of engineering: materials, fluids, thermodynamics, lubrication, chemistry, electronics, etc. The only thing missing is nuclear reaction." - Phil Myers (This quote is from the founder of my university lab and I could add that engines teach you so much more, patience, resilience, precision, etc.)

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