Chloe Arneson

“If you ain't sliding. You ain’t riding”


My name is Chloe Arneson and I am 18 years old and currently go to school for nursing. I have been racing flat track for 5 years now and fell deeply in love with it! If I’m not studying, I am out racing as much as I am able to! Flat track has been carried on for four generations now in my step dads family, including me! We thrive for our passion of dirt bikes and racing, my step dad races as well and my grandpa is even a flagger man at the local race tracks! We involve ourselves in any way we can at the track. I am excited about this application. Once I saw this website about lady racers and riders I instantly was needing to check it out! And once I saw the opportunity to join I took it because theres nothing better than a community of lady riders coming together! It’s exciting and I am truly blessed.

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