Cheyenne Kiser

I'm from Pittsburgh, PA. I got my first bike when I was 16 but never really got super into it. I always loved watching racing with my family and going to races. (I’m low key a Chad Reed superfan). I actually enjoyed riding quads more at the time until I started dating my now husband who also races. He bought me a CRF 230 in 2017 and after riding it I fell in love with dirt biking and never looked back.

I raced my first AWRCS hare scramble series in 2020 and ended up winning the overall championship in the women’s class. This year I plan on trying some GNCC and SXCS races. I ride a 2018 KTM 250XC. My main goal this year is to continue to race the women’s class but eventually switch and be competitive in the men’s C class as my skills improve and hopefully go up from there. Along with dirt biking, I love being a dog mom, fitness and hunting. I also work full time as a safety technician for a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

I hope that my story of being late to the racing scene encourages more women to try it out and that it’s never too late! I would love to be able prove that we can be just as fast as the guys and be competitive in a male dominated sport.

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