Cayden Mitchell

"All Guts No Nuts"


A Little About Me

I am currently 19, turning 20 in March this year. I live in Kennett, Missouri. I’m always up for an adventure. Most would call me an “adrenaline junkie”. I love just about every animal, traveling, and seeing new places.


I started racing at 9 years old in 2011, but my passion for racing has been there since I can remember. Luckily, my dad loves watching me pursue my dreams and has helped me come this far. My racing journey began with drag racing “four-wheelers” on dirt. I then moved to go-karts, and then into my Modified that I currently race. All together I have raced at over 35 tracks in 9 different states so far, and plan to travel to more this coming season!

While drag racing, I was with a team called “Madd Draggin Racing”and we ran with the Pro Sand Drags Association. We ran custom extended frames with modified banshee motors on a 300 foot dirt strip. My first three years of racing I was an undefeated national champion in my age division. Over the years my fastest ET was 3.48 seconds at 98 mph. My team also held two World Records in the sport also for fast times with a specific type of motor.

In go-karts some called me the “Queen of Small Block”. I ran mostly small block open classes and RWYB. We also ran a dirt circle track similar to dirt track racing. These are essentially free for all, trying to fit as much motor as you can onto the frame and going. I won quit a few races in go karts. My last season racing karts between November and March I won over 9,000 dollars. One of my most notable wins, would be winning the Small Block Open class at the North Mississippi Indoor Kart Nationals.

I'm now racing an IMCA Modified. This was the class that I was obsessed with as a kid. This will be my third year racing mods. It has been a challenge learning to drive a different car, and racing against very experienced drivers. Even with such a learning curve, I would say that we still have had two awesome seasons. My first year I placed 6th in points at Crowley's Ridge Raceway, and last year I got 3rd. Over the past two years I have had 6 heat wins and 1 feature win. We decided to bite the bullet this winter and we purchased a 2020 Larry Shaw chassis for the 2021 season!

Future Plans and Goals.

I hope to eventually make racing my career. I love racing modifieds, but the ultimate goal is to drive a super late model. Even if that isn't the case, traveling to different states and tracks is a goal of mine.

Another goal of mine is to make young girls realize that motorsports isn't just a “guy sport”. I look to be a positive role model for anyone into racing. I believe that everyone should work towards their dreams, not just sit and wish they would come true.

Some of the big races that are definitely on my bucket list to hit are, The Gateway Dirt Nationals, IMCA Supernationals, Duel in the Desert, The Hope 71, and The Dream! We are lucky enough to cross Bristol off our list this coming March!

How I Can Help You

Although most of the big spots on my racecar this season have been taken, we still have plenty of spots to add a sticker! I also would love to add y'all's logo to my new suit! I also travel to races A LOT! Even if we are not racing, most likely we are at some racetrack every weekend. I would love to represent! I also have gained a platform on different social media accounts and would love to post pictures wearing, or supporting yalls business.

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