Camille Conrad

“It goes, boys” Lynn Hill


As a former Junior Olympic ski racer and professional skier, I am adept at reading terrain and identifying the fastest line in a corner. Whether in a race course or skiing a challenging line, skiing demands a combination of presence, conviction and bravery. I believe this to be true across all racing platforms which has made my transition from skiing to racing motorcycles smooth and fast.

While I have only been riding the track for two years, and racing for one, my prior life experience has primed me to be fast on a motorcycle. This season, my race results showcase my dedication and progression. I placed eighth in my first race, out of nine competitors. I finished the season with three, 2nd place finishes all within .5 seconds of the leader, in both the men and women's categories.

I am driven and motivated to be as fast as I can and I'm only beginning to develop as a motorcycle racer. I will be competing in CVMA 2023-24, as a Novice and AFM 2024 in the Expert category. I am approaching these upcoming races with enthusiasm, knowing that each one is a learning experience and a progression toward my ultimate goal, to win.

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