Callie Morgan

"If it excites you and scares you it might be a good thing to try"


I love adrenaline. I have many hobbies which include rock climbing, mountain biking, rock crawling and super cars.

My goal for the 2023 is to be able to participate in my local NASA 6 hour endro.
I participate in time trials in my Mazda Miata and hope to move up to race series soon.

When I’m not at the track I love flying down the mountain on my bike. Nothing is more satisfying than crushing a huge hill climb and then bombing down the mountain as fast as you can.

My current motto is modify everything. Currently I have a Mclaren 570S and I’ve added a tune and exhaust that create some serious power and beautiful flames.

I’m working on Modifying my GR86 right now. Every vehicle has a personality and I love bringing those personalities out showing them off through modifications.

Go fast and be loud.

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