Brooklyn Caudillo

“ I don’t chase boys I pass them “

Brooklyn Caudillo

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My name is Brooklyn Caudillo I’m 9 years old. I ride a KTM 65cc. I have been racing dirt bikes for 3 years. My dad started me out on a PW Yamaha 50 when I was 3.

I had to stop riding for a while when I was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari in 2014. I had 2 surgeries and the second one a shunt (medical pump) was installed to continue the flow of fluid in and out of my brain. I have a 5ft hose that runs down my neck into my belly. Spinal fluid runs down the hose and not my spinal cord.

I was given 2 thumbs up by my neurosurgeon to live life to the fullest. So once again, I got back into dirt bikes. My doctor knows I like to race too. I started racing in the PeeWee class in District 37 3 years ago 2018. In 2019 I raced PeeWee Sr and finished 3rd overall against the boys.

In 2020, I'm trying to race everything I can. I currently race or have raced District 37 Desert, Big 6 GPs, SRA GPs, Worcs, Women’s International Motocross, Dirt Series, and National Hare and Hound youth series. 

My best friend on dirt bikes is Dana Raynor. We met at a desert race and have been friends every since. I’ve learned so much from her. We have been practicing all summer together. 

I have never allowed my medical condition to stop me from reaching my dreams of being an over all great off road racer. I hope my medical situation inspires others to never give up on the things you like to do. 

YG867 Aka “Queen B“ 

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