Aunnie Rister

“Do not measure your progress using someone else’s ruler”


Hello, I am Aunnie Rister. I am 27 years young, living in Portsmouth Ohio. I started riding about 2.5 years ago, I purchased a ninja 250 the end October of 2018 (not knowing how to even start a street bike), and attended my first track day at the 129 bash in Alabama at little tally. Since that day I have been addicted. I had only ridden street a few months before I committed to track days. I now travel in a Chevy express Moto van all over to ride my mostly stock Yamaha R3. I also have a collection of mini bikes that I race in various mini events ( crf 50, Z125, XR 100). All of the mini bikes even have their own league to compete in OMRL and CBRL. When I am not working my day job at State Farm I am devoting my free time to turning wrenches to improve my bikes performance to reach my goals.

I tried my hand at racing mid-season this year (2020) and fell in love with the competition side of riding. I registered for my AMA card and shortly following I took my Race school class at the same track where it all started at little tally. Received my license and raced my first race that following evening. I managed to make a podium at every race weekend event I attended. I placed 2nd in the Nation championship with WERA on my R3 starting mid-season. I look forward to attending a full season in 2021. Over the winter I plan to work on a few upgrades to try to improve my bikes handling, like suspension, and a few other valuable race modifications.

I live by the quote “Do not measure your progress using someone else’s ruler”. This is so hard to manage personally for the simple fact that you have many social media platforms that glorify ever aspect to reaching a goal. A lot of the blood sweat and tears are not put out in the public eye, therefore it is extremely easy to compare someone’s “high light reels” with your entire journey. Only measure your own success. Only you know how hard you worked to get there.

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