Amber Plata-Dehaven

"Never too old to try something new and grow..."


At 39, I am currently prepping for the 2021 race season. I will be participating in the Dirt Series and WORCS riding a Honda TRX450r and CR125r.  This will be my first season as a racer.

I have ridden in a few races here and there, but this season I wanted to play on the track too. Working with a veteran and active duty military group (Phoenix Racing 2019), it has only increased my desire to never out on the track myself.

When I am not on the track, I am working on my motorcycle skills on a Honda CBR500r which I purchased this year.  

I am always looking for ways to set an example for girls including my daughter.


In my downtime, I am coaching field hockey and lacrosse for a local high school trying to promote the girls competitive spirits. I always they’ll them that you are never too old to try something new and grow.

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