Alyssa Dent

“Just Gonna Send It”

Hey, my name is Alyssa Dent originally from California living in Texas, I’m 24 and I currently work at a Powersports store.

I currently have a 2021 YZ250F and ride a CRF150 when I go to California. I’ve been riding ever since I was little. I started out racing ATVs now I ride dirt bikes mostly in the deserts of California. I have intentions to start racing next 2022, so for this year it’s just gonna be practice practice practice and gaining more confidence on a bike.

Besides riding I love working and building trucks, rock crawling, and snowboarding. The desert and mountains are my happy place. I always enjoy being around other people who ride and learning new things from them. There’s nothing better than camping in the desert with your family and friends and just having a good time riding and wheeling.

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