Chasin' Checkers
Chasin' Checkers
Chasin' Checkers

Chasin' Checkers

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Speed, thrill, and victory! Introducing the 'Chasin' Checkers' tee for every racing enthusiast who understands the rush of crossing the finish line. Whether you're aiming for that first place or simply determined to complete the race, this tee symbolizes the spirit of every racer: the relentless pursuit of the checkered flag. A perfect blend of comfort and style, this tee is designed to compliment your passion on and off the track.


- Crafted with a high-quality blend of 50% polyester, 25% airlume combed cotton, and 25% rayon. This combination ensures durability while offering the softness of cotton and the breathability of rayon.

- Weight: 3.8 oz./yd², ensuring a lightweight feel for maximum comfort.


- Sleeves: Featuring 2" ribbed cuffs that add a touch of style and ensure a snug fit.

- Neckline: Coverstitched collar for added durability and a polished finish.

- Design: Side seams provide a tailored structure, enhancing the overall fit.

Fit Advise: 

- This tee comes with a gender-neutral fit, designed to suit all body types. Its retail fit promises a look that's neither too tight nor too loose.


'Chasin' Checkers' is more than just apparel; it's a reflection of your spirit. For those who live life in the fast lane and always have their eyes on the prize, this tee is a perfect match. Wear your passion, embrace the race, and always keep chasing those checkers!