Black AOP Leggings
Black AOP Leggings
Black AOP Leggings
Black AOP Leggings

Black AOP Leggings

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Step into the world of comfort and style with the Black AOP Leggings by GoFastGirls. Tailored for the modern woman, these leggings redefine versatility. Whether you're gearing up for an intense workout session, lounging at home, or hitting the town with friends, these leggings are the perfect fit. Pair them with an oversized hoodie, a trendy t-shirt, or your favorite workout top, and you're ready to conquer any setting with style.


- Made with a premium blend of 82% polyester and 18% spandex, promising longevity and resilience.

- Featuring a four-way stretch technology, the leggings offer unmatched flexibility, adapting to your every move.

- Crafted with smooth, soft, and comfortable microfiber yarn, these leggings assure utmost comfort throughout the day.

- A raised waistband elevates the design, ensuring a flattering fit and enhanced support.


- Precision-cut and meticulously hand-sewn, our Black AOP Leggings are designed to fit seamlessly and elegantly, embracing your silhouette.

Fit Advise: 

- The leggings come with a snug yet non-restrictive fit, ensuring comfort without compromising on style. The four-way stretch guarantees ease of movement, making it perfect for any activity.


At GoFastGirls, we're dedicated not just to style but also to sustainability. These leggings are crafted uniquely for you, upon order, ensuring minimal waste and overproduction. The process might take a tad bit longer, but it's our way of ensuring quality and eco-consciousness. Your choice makes a difference, and we're grateful for your thoughtful purchasing decisions. Rock the GoFastGirls ethos with pride!

  WAIST (inches) HIPS (inches)
XS 25 ¼ 35 ⅜
S 26 ¾ 37
M 28 ⅜ 38 ⅝
L 31 ½ 41 ¾
XL 34 ⅝ 44 ⅞