What to Look for in a Beginner Sports Bike

What to Look for in a Beginner Sports Bike

With a massive volume of sports bikes on the market — not to mention those dubbed beginner-bikes, it can be difficult to find the ride that fits and feels perfect.

Motorcycle racing is a sport overflowing with adrenaline — with the focus on performance, acceleration, cornering, and braking. Sports bikes are light and powerful. Riders need a sports bike that is going to satisfy their hunger for speed.

The GFG team understands the importance of choosing your first sports bike as it sets the tone for your riding experience. And while it’s great to look at the more expensive, trendiest sports bikes on the market, GFG experts say you should choose a bike you can control and one that will help you start of on the right foot before advancing to a bigger and better bike.

Not to mention, there are many beginner sports bikes that are easy on the wallet. Check out GFG tips to get your two-wheeled fix before the racing season begins.

Tips for Choosing Your First Sports Bike

  • Choose a lower-powered, middle-weight sport bike to start. (Ducati models, Honda CBR models, Kawasaki ZX series, Suzuki GSX-R models)

  • Look at the difference in costs and insurance. GFG recommends choosing a used bike under the assumption you’ll most-likely damage it a few times making common rookie mistakes.

  • Consider your personal style, your height, and the dimensions of the bike you’re looking at. The idea sports bike distributes your weight evenly and allows you to position both feet on the ground firmly. Physically sit on as many bikes as you can to get a feel for the height and riding position.

  • Choose a sports bike with a lightweight frame and less power to make it easier to handle — for a beginner rider at any speed. The key is that the power be manageable each time you twist the throttle, but has enough power to give you a few years to practice and improve.

  • Choose a sports bike that has plenty of space to display your new GFG stickers.

For Women Getting Started in Motorcycle Racing

Learning how to ride your very first motorcycle can be a challenge — but it can also be one of the best things you ever attempt. Keeping in mind all the tips above, the most important thing to remember is don’t choose a bike for its looks. If you are not comfortable managing the throttle, learning the ins and outs of motorcycle racing will never come easy.  

Now that’s not to say — you can’t choose a bike with BIG GAME, Pro Rider attitude. Sport bikes come in many different shapes, sizes, and power levels. When you head out to the motorcycle shops, ask questions, use our checklist above, stick to your budget, and — Go Fast Girl! 


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