Lifting Your Motocross Bike onto the Stand: GoFastGirls How-to Series

Lifting Your Motocross Bike onto the Stand: GoFastGirls How-to Series

Whether you're just starting out in the motocross world or are looking to refine your skills, one fundamental task that often proves tricky is getting your bike onto the stand. This seemingly simple action can be quite a challenge, but with the right technique and a bit of practice, you'll have it down in no time. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Safety First:

Always ensure you're wearing appropriate shoes. Avoid open-toed shoes or shoes with slippery soles. A good grip is essential when handling heavy machinery like your motocross bike.

2. Position Your Bike and Stand:

Start by placing your bike close to where you want it on the stand. Make sure it's in neutral. Position the stand close to the bike, ensuring the top of the stand aligns with the bottom of your bike's frame.

3. Stand Beside Your Bike:

Stand on the left side of your bike (assuming your bike's kickstand is on the left). This allows you to hold onto the handlebars with your left hand and the rear of the bike with your right hand.

4. Get a Good Grip:

- Handlebars: With your left hand, grip the left handlebar, ensuring you have a firm hold.

- Rear of the Bike: Place your right hand either on the rear fender or the subframe, depending on what feels more comfortable and provides better leverage for you.

5. Brace and Lift:

With your knees slightly bent and your core engaged:

- Push down a bit on the handlebars and use this downward motion to initiate an upward lift from the rear.  

- As you begin to lift, use your right leg to help drive the motion. Think of it as a combined leg and arm lift, ensuring you're not just relying on your back. Your leg is one of the strongest parts of your body, use it to your advantage!

6. Position Over Stand:

Once you've lifted the bike high enough, guide the bottom of the frame onto the top of the stand. Make sure it's positioned securely in the center.

7. Double Check:

Before you let go entirely, ensure the bike is stable. The last thing you want is for it to tip over after all your hard work!

Bonus Tips:

- Practice: Just like any other skill in motocross, practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the easier it'll become.

- Ask for Help: If you're struggling or it's your first time, don't be shy to ask someone for assistance. It's better to have help than to risk an injury or damaging your bike.

- Stay Calm: It can be frustrating at first, but remember, every professional had to learn this skill at some point too.

Lifting your motocross bike onto a stand is not just about physical strength but also about technique. With persistence, patience, and the right approach, you'll master this essential skill in no time. Keep riding and stay safe, GoFastGirls! 


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