The Best Kart Accessories for Beginners

The Best Kart Accessories for Beginners

GFG (Go Fast Girls) is a place where egos will be bruised — and karting heroes will be made. No suspension, no differential, no roll bars, no seat belt systems, go-kart racing offers just four wheels and an engine.

Kart racing is an exhilarating and interesting sport with thrilling experiences. Karting is a treacherous and fast sport — with drivers reaching speeds of over 70mph while floating just inches from the ground.

If you are thinking about joining kart-racing for the first-time, there are some accessories that will make racing safer, more comfortable, and keep you on the right track. Accessories are used by the top drivers from decades of experience — and are essential for racing to the checkered flag.

And while karting is about finding a technique and approach that suits you, keeping your eyes on the prize, learning to adapt to race conditions, and blazing out from the starting line — GFG has put together a list of accessories for karting beginners to stay safe from the start.

Karting Helmet

Comfortable, stylish, and safe — a karting helmet should be at the top of a beginners list. Afterall, you can’t put a price on the safety of your head? Look for a helmet with an aerodynamic design, along with a good venting system to provides enhanced air circulation throughout the helmet. Adding a tinted visor is another element to add to your checkered flag pursuit, as it will filter the sun’s rays to allow you to see the circuit much better in bright conditions. It will also protect your eye muscles from weariness, allowing you to perform like a champion until the last lap.

Karting Race Suit

First thing you want to invest in is a racing suit, which are highly manufactured materials that protect your upper and lower body. While the suits are for safety, they also give go-kart racers the opportunity to showcase their innovative and modern styles. For beginners, consider getting an indoor racing suit or entry-level racing suit. Once you progress, you should invest in a top-rated, certified suit. Look for suits that have specialized fabrics that are lightweight, comfortable, and provide ventilation. The main elements to research and review when buying your suit are type, material, size, design, safety — and price.

Karting Gloves

Karting gloves offer protection and comfort while driving in the strongest of competition. Karting gloves offer beginner racers several advantages. Not only do they safeguard you from debris, but the comfortable grip they provide on the steering wheel helps improve your performance. Feel and grip is the key. Find a beginner karting glove, look for the perfect blend of ventilation, flexibility, lightweight — and comfort.

Karting Rib Protectors

A must-have is a go-kart racing rib protector. The main objective of karting rib protectors is — just as it sounds — to keep your chest and ribs safe. When you first start off, every bump and turn send a shot to the ribs, so why not protect yourself and make the ride as comfortable. The best rib protectors absorb the harshest impacts and vibration throughout your body. A karting rib vest helps reduce the chance of injury and allowing you to focus on one goal — winning. And when you find one that fits just right — you won’t even remember you are wearing it.

Karting Ear Plugs

Did you know ear plugs are now one of the most underused and underrated accessories in go-kart racing? Ear plugs prevent hearing damage from prolonged exposure to the engine and wind noise — and surprising to many — give you a competitive advantage. All pro racers protect their hearing, so should you!

Now that you have a list of beginner karting accessories to go grab, Go Fast Girls. It’s a flawless drive from lights to the checkered flag. Check out five tips to get starting in karting.


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