Shake and Bake with Professional Race Driver Jordan Price

Shake and Bake with Professional Race Driver Jordan Price

In a male-dominated career of professional racing, more and more women are driving away with the power. Several dominating motorsport female influencers are not only seeking redemption on the track — but are also out to inspire and encourage other females to pursue their dreams, break stereotypes, and have a positive impact on today’s racing industry.

Off-road and circle track racer Jordan Price from San Francisco, California — is one of the leading female influencers at just 16 years old. Today, we sat down for an exclusive interview with the ‘shake and bake’ GFG ambassador and professional race driver.

How Did You Get Started in Off-Road Racing?

My dad has been racing for over 30 years, so I grew up around desert racing. As soon as I turned 14, I decided I wanted to race with him, and I’ve been hooked since.

What Happened When You Were Approached by Dust 2 Glory Film Maker Dana Brown?

When I met Dana Brown, it was really awesome! I noticed Dana interviewing a fellow team and when he was done, I had to talk to him!! When I spoke with Dana, he said he was filming the second Dust to Glory, which he ended up naming Dust 2 Glory. I spoke with him and convinced him to interview my dad. Little did I know he would interview me as well to get a scoop on my off-road life. 

What Typically Goes Through Your Mind Leading Up to a Race?

As all of us racers know, racing is super stressful. My team puts their heart and soul into it, so I make sure to always keep everyone calm. This is a really good thing about being a racer because I am able to calm my dad down before a race and keep the adrenaline flowing.

What is One Thing You Remember After Your First Race Win?

As I recall, our first team win was when I was 7. I don’t remember it much, but I remember when we took 3rd in the Score International Off-Road Racing Series just two years ago! That was my first year in the car and it for sure was a positive turning point for our team. 

What Role Does Your Family Play in Your Racing Career?

My family is my biggest supporters. My family is everything to me. Racing with my dad gives us that special bond not many have. My mom is at every race, helping me line up, get dressed, keeping me fed and hydrated when I’m too busy to remember. And my sisters, my sisters have never missed a single race since I’ve started my racing career. Without my sisters, racing wouldn’t be the same. My family is why I race. I love to see them happy and they fill me with love and support which is all I could ask for. 

Who Do You Look Up to in Your Sport? Who Is Your Hero?

My role model for racing is for sure Kristen Matlock. I introduced myself to Kristen the night before my first race. There are not many of us females down in Baja and Kristen is just one of a few. Kristen has inspired me to look past gender in racing and realize it’s one or nothing out there. It’s about who’s the best driver, not whether you’re a female or male. I aspire to be like Kristen one day.

What’s Your Favorite Track?

In desert racing there is no ‘track’ to choose from just the open desert which I prefer over anything. As far as circle track, I got to say my favorite track is Cottage Grove Speedway in Oregon!

If You Could Race Anything Else in the World of Motorsports, What Would It Be?

If I could race anything else in the world of Motorsports, it would be a close call between the Dakar Rally and a Formula One car.

What’s Next for Jordan Price and KP Racing?

The next thing for KP Off-Road Racing and myself is our Trophy Truck Spec! We’ve been working towards it for years and finally made it happen. Our team will be one of only a couple father-daughter teams out there! In 2021, you will see the KP Off-Road Racing truck out in the desert!

What’s Your Favorite Piece of GFG Racing Apparel?

My favorite GFG product is the GFG zip up! So comfy and soft!

Tell Us What ‘Shake N Bake’ Means to You?

Talladega Nights is one of my favorite movies and we’ve been saying “Shake N Bake” for years, so we knew we had to put it on the race car! It’s a motto in the KP family!

Want to learn more about Jordan, see racing photos, and connect on IG — race over to Jordan’s GFG ambassador profile.


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