Interview with Moto 4 Kids Racing’s  CFO – John Simanovich

Interview with Moto 4 Kids Racing’s CFO – John Simanovich

 The Moto 4 Kids Racing has been designed to celebrate the Future Stars of our sport. Each round of the Moto 4 Kids Racing takes place at one of Southern California’s premier racing facilities and gives Future Stars (kids) — their own time to shine.

And this November is the time to shine. The air is getting cooler — the fall air is golden, and the Moto 4 Kid Racing is drawing in old faces — while new ones are announced. With racing development, structure, and planning for the future full swing ahead, the brand is gearing up for a BIG finish to their 2021 season.

This week, we sat down with John Simanovich, CFO of Moto 4 Kids Racing, to learn more about the upcoming events, the brand — and what’s to come in 2022.

What is Moto 4 Kids Racing? 

A new Amateur Motocross Racing Series in Southern California. The series has been designed to celebrate the future stars of the sport, the kids, giving youths their own time to shine on and off the track.

Why has Moto 4 Kids Racing had Success?  

Moto 4 Kids Racing stands firm with our come one, come all model by providing a professional feel for the everyday rider, yet still giving more experienced racers a competitive season full of family fun. The person that has the most fun wins!

What is Moto 4 Kids Racing doing to Influence More Girls to Compete in 2021-2022?  

We take a different approach and believe in providing the girl riders an opportunity to race with like age, and/or similar bike size. Typical series tend to combine multiple bike sizes/ages into one class, which we believe doesn’t foster the confidence these young riders need as they progress through their racing endeavors. Not to mention, it’s always great to work with brands like Go Fast Girls who place emphasis on girls/woman on all levels to support their racing efforts.

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining. What Do You See as the Positives to Emerge out of the Pandemic for Moto 4 Kids Racing?  

Family. My wife and I designed the series out of passion for motorcycling. It was the opportunity we saw to bring kids/families together in an open setting that we felt fostered community in a safe and friendly environment outside doing what we love, Racing Dirt Bikes!

What is the Red Bull Day in the Dirt and How is Moto 4 Kids Racing Involved? 

Red Bull Day in the Dirt: It’s a gathering of family and friends and what they love most – dirt bikes.  It attracts the greats, the near-greats and the not-so-greats, which includes the Hollywood stunt community and moto fanatics worldwide. We’re teaming up with Red Bull Day in the Dirt to help infuse the youth and provide them their own time to shine by hosting the Mini Races on an exclusive and purpose-built track. This is a little different than usual, but we know the founders, Kenny and Amber Alexander, and they’ve given us the thumbs up to provide the kids (future stars) the love and attention they deserve for a weekend of racing fun.

Do You Have Any Exciting New to Share with Fans for the Upcoming Months?  

We’re currently in the planning phase now for 2022 calendar of events which we look forward to announcing in the coming weeks. Our goal is to include some new tracks on the schedule and new opportunity for our young riders. In addition to that, we hope to build on the current partnerships, and secure new ones for the upcoming racing season to help support our efforts of giving back to our family of riders.



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