GFG Feature Racer: Meet Competitive Off-Road Racer Michelle Barazza

GFG Feature Racer: Meet Competitive Off-Road Racer Michelle Barazza

 You’ve got to bring your A game to compete with Michelle Barazza. These days we’re seeing more and more women crossover into the ranks of off-road motorsports and UTV racing and Barazza is no exception. Michelle is a fierce competitor who takes her commitment to UTV racing seriously.

Michelle fell in love with the off-road life since riding her first UTV — and now she is working to continue the family legacy. After receiving her BA in Criminal Justice, she started racing full-time with her family. Regardless of any obstacle on or off the track, you’ll find Michelle at the finish line. Advocating for her sport, she continues to create new ways to connect female riders with the terrain. We sat down this week for an interview with the top adventure-motivated racer in female UTV racing.

How did you get started in UTV racing?

A week after buying my Polaris RZR UTV, there was a Race named Racing for Boobs for only female drivers. Racing for Boobs is a race funded by a charity Mujeres que Viven (Women that Live). My grandmother had passed away from cancer, so I raced as a tribute to her. Something lit up in and I haven’t stopped racing since then.

Do you race with your family?

Yes, I race with my husband and daughters. I have even raced with my mother. This sport was inherited by my father. It’s a family sport for us. My daughters want to take the wheel now.

What’s your favorite track?

My favorite track is in Laguna Salada in Mexicali, as it has all types of terrain and it’s very competitive. I always learn something new.

Do you have any superstitions?

We pray before each race and I always speak to my UTV as if it was a pet, lol.

Do you have any advice to females looking to get into UTV racing?

Go for it, don’t hesitate to try UTV. Go for it!!! Never feel intimidated. If you do, try to surround yourself with girls with same interests.

What’s your favorite thing about GFG racing apparel?

My favorite thing about the GFG apparel is the quality of shirts and the color you use.

What’s the best part about being a part of the Empowersports Women’s Riding Council?

The best part of being part of this amazing group is getting to know the ladies as they motivate me to become better and always strive for the best.

What’s a quote you live by?

Never take no for an answer. Don’t be intimidated, we are all unique and special in our own different way and that’s what makes us who we are. Be true to yourself always.


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