Featured Racer: Let’s Kick Up the Dirt with Thrill-Seeker Kinsley Burkett

Featured Racer: Let’s Kick Up the Dirt with Thrill-Seeker Kinsley Burkett

Racing is grueling — even at five years old. But it’s also rewarding and exciting. Kinsley Burkett loves dirt bike racing and there is no feeling like it in the world. In fact, there is nothing like winning a race or getting on the podium at any point of your career — the feeling is unmatched.

At only five years old, Kinsley is known as a tough, aggressive, and dominant competitor on the track. The thrill-seeker has significantly impacted the sport at a young age, not just by racing but also recording amazing achievements.

GFG recently sat down with the fearless dirt bike racer for an interview.

How did you get started in dirt bike racing?

I have loved “momo’s” since I could talk! I would ask my mom and dad to put “momo’s” on YouTube for me to watch and I was hooked! My dad got me a Striker Balance Bike when I was 2 and then moved me up to a Stacyc when I was 3 and I loved it from the start. I then progressed to the PW 50 when I was 4 and haven’t stopped since!  

What’s your favorite track to race on?

My favorite track is LACR. 

What made you pick #23 for racing?

My Mom and Dad both liked the number 23, so it just kinda stuck! And I love Chase Sexton who was 23! 

What would you tell other girls looking to start dirt bike racing?

I would tell other girls to go for it! Be fearless and trust yourself, and you can do anything!

What’s your favorite GFG racing gear?

My favorite GFG gear is my black hoodie

What’s your top racing award?

I would say when I finally took my first 1st place trophy on my bike in the girl’s class at Moto 4 kids.  I had worked really hard and waited a long time to finally earn that 1st place! It was so exciting!

What do you like to do when you are not racing?

When I’m not racing, I love to be with my friends. I love school. I love to color, draw and write! I also love reading books. And riding bikes in the backyard with my dad and little sister!

Want to learn more about Kinsley, see racing photos, and connect on IG — race over to Kinsley’s GFG ambassador profile.


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