ATV Quad Princess Riding Like a Pro

ATV Quad Princess Riding Like a Pro

There has always been the notion that girls and racing don't go together. It didn’t matter how good you were at racing, the stigma centered on — if you are female, it’s impossible to be a professional racer.

But there are many girls proving this shamefulness to be incorrect and disgraceful. And one girl specifically, Mia Garcia, the ATV Quad Princess — who is leaving her mark on quad racing at the age of 10.

Mia is doing something very visible and astonishing, and becoming a part of movement that is accelerating girls into the spotlight. In her first year as a rookie, Mia finished the season in third place. And the following year, Mia reached the podium in each race — making waves on and off the track.

Undeniably, her talent, approach, and work ethic are parallel to any of the leading riders on the track. And while Mia Garcia looks like a princess — she rides like a pro.

Today, we sat down for an exclusive interview with the GFG ambassador.

What Types of Racing are You Involved in?

Short course off-road ATV racing.

How Did You Get Started in ATV Racing?

It all started as a birthday present with a quad just to ride.

What Goes Through Your Mind at the Starting Line?

I try to just think about the race, the difficult places on the track and not get distracted.

Who Do You Look Up to in Your Sport? Who is Your Hero?

Gissel Gomez. She is one of the only female pilots participating in Baja.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Racing?

The speed and excitement of being in the race and having good times with my friend after the races.

What Advice Would You Give a Beginner ATV rider?

Start small and always be very careful because what is important is to finish the race without any injuries.

What Does Your Dad Tell You on the Radio?

He always tells me where the other riders are, and he reminds me of the track and the curves ahead.

What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do Outside of ATV Racing?

I really like to paint and dance.

What’s Your Favorite GFG Racing Apparel?

The hoodies and hats.

Tell Us What ‘Look Like a Princess, Ride Like a Pro’ Means to You?

They see me in the starting line as a princess because I am a girl and I like to look good. Most only pay attention to the pink colors and my tutu, but at the moment of starting, everything is behind and I am like any pilot determined to win.

Shop Mia’s favorite GFG gear or if you want to learn more about Mia, see racing photos, and connect on IG — ride over to her GFG ambassador profile.


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