5 Tips to Get Started in Motocross

5 Tips to Get Started in Motocross

Motocross is one of the most exhilarating forms of motorcycling — a bike, a rider, a track — and full throttle ahead! It’s not a sport that you can only imagine in your wildest dreams. In fact, its simple to get started in motocross if you have the time, the right equipment, and the determination to become the best.

Motocross, also referred to as MX, is designed to make rides feel fast and thrilling. The terrain has a mix of natural features like jumps, corners — obstacles and hard hills to climb. And while motocross can be — at times — extremely complicated, it’s the perfect storm of physical demand, mental strength, technique, balance and guts.

To help you get started, GFG has put together a five-point guide on how to get started in motocross.

Buy a Beginner Motocross Bike

Motocross bikes are advanced pieces of art, but there are several beginner bikes to help you start off on the right foot. Some brands produce the lighter and easier bikes to more versatile and powerful with lights and a setup made for a multitude of off-road tracks. You may have your eye on a top-end bike, but it’s important to buy something basic and less powerful at first. Starting with a BMX or mountain bike in the will get you used to riding on dirt.

Buy Motocross Gear

Motocross gear is a priority as rider safety is an indispensable component of racing. Your helmet is the single most valuable piece of protective gear you’ll own. Buy a brand-new helmet. Pick out the right gloves. Find a sturdy set of boots, shirts and pants, chest and back protection. You also need a good set of knee braces to keep your knees protected from twists. And please don’t forget the neck brace — as you may experience a crash or two. Shop GFG merch to complement your new equipment. 

Find a Track Close By

Search for the nearest tracks — there are several motocross practice venues and well-established circuits that have beginner practice times and coaches to help. Some will even have layouts with differing levels of difficulty. When you are just getting started, the best track is a hard-packed soil. Some tracks will offer an intro-day, with packages including everything from clothing and equipment to training and lunch.

Never Ride Alone

Motocross is a sport that carries a high element of risk. In the beginning, it is beneficial to have a riding partner. Not only does this afford you safety, but it also challenges you to become a better rider.  If you cannot find another rider, have a parent, friend, or sibling time your laps and observe your on-track performance.  

Practice, Practice, Practice

The single greatest tip GFG can offer is to put in the time and dedication to uptick your skills and expose your weaknesses so you can better with each ride. The better you want to be at motocross, the more time you need to put into it. Motocross riders can be found on their bikes several days a week.

Don't wait. Go get started. Go Fast Girl! We got your back.


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