The Best BMX Bikes to Learn to be a Pro

The Best BMX Bikes to Learn to be a Pro

BMX racing has become huge in popularity over the last decades. With the huge upsurge in appeal comes, manufacturers now offer a wider selection of BMX bikes. And BMX frames and components are lighter and stronger than ever before. Color schemes are more customizable than ever before. Going pro isn’t just about how you ride — it’s what you ride.

BMX bikes do not work similarly to your standard road bicycles and mountain bikes. Several of the differences are exactly what make BMX bikes the best model for going professional, whether on the road or off the streets.

First-time riders should consider: Size of the BMX bike (BMX bikes are measured in two ways, the size of the wheel and the length of the frame which is gauged by the top tube measurement), Level of BMX bike (consider beginners level if you are just getting started or intermediate if you are already riding every night).

Are you looking to start your BMX racing career and need to buy a BMX bike? GFG  looks at the top BMX bikes on the market.

Redline Bikes Proline Youth BMX Race Bike

The Redline Bikes Proline Youth BMX Race Bike is created specifically for children learning to ride their first BMX model. This bike makes use of a durable aluminum alloy frame. The alloy frame and 16” tires makes it ideal for a beginner.


  • Durable alloy frame
  • Well-built for a child starting to BMX
  • Generally easy to use by children

Jet BMX Generate

Another great beginner BMX bike, the Generate BMX was designed flawlessly for beginners. With a well-constructed frame and alloy handlebars, it encompasses both durability and safety. For day to day practice, this is a great option that kids simply love. This BMX from Jet features tubular sealed Mid BB cranks, sealed neo headset, sealed 9T cassette hub, and mid padded seat/post combo


  • Perfect size for beginners
  • Date responsive geometry
  • Comfortable

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike

If you are in the market for durability and safety, this RoyalBaby BMX bike is made of a hydroformed aluminum frame which helps the bike support the weight of the rider. The TIG welded steel fork that provides strength. The exceptional brakes were designed with a front caliper brake along with a rear band brake to give a child adequate stopping power.

The thick wheels allow good traction on the part of its rider. The rubber is 2.4 inches thick that makes it perfect for different types of terrain.


  • Heavy-duty material used on the frame and fork
  • Excellent brakes both in front and at the back

Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike for Beginners

The Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike is one of the best BMX bike options for those who are beginners. However, the bike is designed primarily for riders who are at least 5’7” in height. The frame made use of Tectonic T1 aluminum material. The lightweight material is for those looking to do tricks or simply looking for something easy to maneuver. It has an aluminum ball bearing and front hub that adds to its overall durability. The alloy V-brake along with brake levers provide superior speed control to its users. As for its handling, you get to enjoy the steel handlebar and fork.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Superior brakes and speed control
  • Durable materials



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