Macee McGee

Macee is 6

Lives in Whitfield NH

Started driving when she was 5 racing shortly after she started driving! 2020 2013 Kawasaki kfx 50 green, with purple decals & 2018 Honda trx red with pink decals

2021 just bought a 2015 drr 90 white she will be getting purple and pink decals
2020 champion at 2 race tracks on kfx(the dirt side groveton NH & Rider Hill Derby VT), track champion at 1 track on trx (the dirt side in groveton NH). Won 14 of 17 races on kfx, finished 2nd when she didn’t win! Won 1 race on the trx was always in the top 3 in the 0-125maxx class.

The dirt side in groveton NH & Rider Hill in Derby VT.

Dominate the 0-125max class and get used to racing her new 2 stroke drr 90.

Hobbies, racing, singing, dancing, drawing, riding her bike, exploring, going to fun places like Santa’s village, sports; basketball, soccer, Tball, and many more
Macee is an amazing big sister to two little brothers. She loves spending time with her friends and family. She is passionate about racing. Macee loves school and learning new things. She is sassy! Loves doing her hair, make up and nails but also loves to get dirty! She is always so happy & polite to everyone around her!
She doesn’t have a saying.

She doesn’t have her “own” paging I will be creating a racing page for her this weekend and can get back to you with those links.

Macee says thank you so much for this opportunity!


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